TMVP sees new path for Tamil leaders

Sri Lankan Tamils must put their past behind them and come out of their isolation, a top TMVP politician said yesterday.

"Joining forces with the government and President Mahinda Rajapaksa could create a path for Tamil leaders to take the problems of their people to the highest level such as Parliament or Cabinet of ministers," TMVP Trincomalee District leader Mrs Judy Devadason added.

She said it was high time that Tamil people made a decision which path they would take from here onwards to win their rights - whether it would be confrontational politics of the TNA in the past or be winning their rights gradually through democratic and conciliatory means.

There was no doubt that Sri Lankan Tamils must win their social, political and economic rights, said the mother of six children.

There is a strong possibility of securing all these equal rights by becoming stakeholders of governance but the Tamils must put their past behind and come out of their isolation, she said.

"There are the issues of our people that should be brought up and we could debate and win solutions, rather than resorting to confrontational politics," she told a recent party rally in Kuchchaveli.

Mrs. Devadason, the former long time social activist among the downtrodden in the Trincomalee District, said the Tamil people must ask their conscience as to what political or other rights had been won by supporting the old lot of Tamil leaders over the past several decades even after they had 22MPs in Parliament and had the fullest support of the military strength of the LTTE and all what that they achieved in the past was death, destruction and misery for innocent Tamils .

She said the TMVP had always given its support to President Rajapaksa whenever it was required by the Government.

"We who live in a district where all the three communities live in amity, looking forward to a political solution that would be acceptable to all communities," she added.

Mrs. Devadason said SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem was right when he told Indian Foreign Secretary Srimathi Nirupama Rao during her recent visit that "if there was anyone it was only President Mahinda Rajapaksa who could put forward a solution to the minority communities which would accept by the majority of the majority community as he enjoyed the support of the majority".

She said the Tamil people should give up voting for the confrontational politics of the old leaders of the TNA and vote for the TMVP which has put forward educated young candidates in all five districts of the North and East and the Polonnaruwa District so that the TMVP could be stakeholders of the government and be partners of developing the country especially Tamil areas and win the people’s rights gradually through power sharing at the centre.

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