TNA suffers setback as UPFA makes inroads into N-E vote base

With the UPFA making inroads to the North and East vote base by its comfortable victory at Thursday’s general election, the TNA has suffered a political setback, reports said.

For the first time after several decades, the UPFA has been successful in capturing power in all the five districts of the North and the East. This has resulted in the support enjoyed by the TNA, which earlier had 22 MPs elected to the 6th Parliament, being reduced to 14 MPs including the National seat which is yet to be granted to the party, political sources said yesterday.

The UPFA District Leader for Jaffna and EPDP Leader Minister Douglas Devananda obtained 28,585 preference votes, S. A. Uthayan opolled 13,128 votes and Murugesu Chandrakumar bagged 7,968 votes by contesting under the UPFA Banner and Betel Symbol.

TNA District Leader for Jaffna Mavai Senathirajah obtained 20,501 preferences, EPRLF Suresh Wing Leader Suresh Premachandran secured 16,425 votes, former ACTC Leader and senior lawyer Appathurai Vinayagamoorthy 15,311 votes, Jaffna Uthayan Newspaper proprietor Easwaran Saravanabavan 14,965 votes and the teacher from Killinochchi Sivagnanam Sritharan 10,057 preferences.

The late UNP MP Maheswaran’s wife, Mrs. Vijayakala Maheswaran contesting Jaffna District under the UNF Banner and Elephant symbol obtained 7,160 preference votes and was elected.

The All Ceylon Muslim Congress Leader and former Minister Abdul Risard Badhudeen as Vanni Distrt Leader of the UPFA contesting under the Betel Symbol with U. Farook was also elected.

Former SLMC Chief Organizer for Mannar District and Ex Minister Noorden Mashoor contesting under the UNF Banner and Elephant Symbol was also elected.

ormer TELO Leader and TNA MP Selvam Adaykalanathan Vinotharajalingam and Annamalai Sivashakthi Anathan contesting under the TNA Banner and House Symbol were elected to Parliament from the Vanni district.

In the Batticaloa District, former SLMC Deputy Minister and Eastern Provincial Minister from the UPFA M. L. A. M. Hisbullah contesting the district under the UPFA Banner and Betel Symbol obtained 22,256 preference votes and was elected.

Three members from the TNA - Ponnnampalam Selvarasa obtained 18,485 preference votes, Seeniththamby Yogeswaran 20,569 votes and Ariyaneththiran Pakkiyanathan 16,504 votes. They were elected from the Batticaloa district.

SLMC Chairman and Opposition Leader of the Eastern Provincial Council Basheer Cegu Dawood contesting the Batticaloa district obtained 11,678 votes and was elected to Parliament.

In the Trincomalee District former Ratnapura district MP and Minister Susantha Punchinilame contesting under the UPFA Banner obtained 22,679 preference votes and former Minister M. K. D. S. Gunawardena obtained 19,720 votes and were elected.

TNA Leader R. Sampanthan contesting under the ITAK Banner and House symbol obtained 24,368 preference votes and was elected to Parliament from the Trincomalee district.

SLMC member M. S. Thowfeek contesting under the UNF Banner secured 23,588 preference votes and was elected from the Trincomalee district .

Contesting the Digamadulla District Under the UPFA Banner and Betel Symbol were retired Vice Admiral, former Head of Civil Defence Force, Sarath Weerasekera who bagged 54,373 preference votes, Ex Minister and the Leader of the National Congress A. L. M. Athaullah 36,643 votes , Sriyani Wijewickrema 35,810 votes and former Minister P. Dayaratna 32,615 votes and were elected from Digamadulla.

P. H. B. Piyasena contesting the Digamadulla district under the ITAK Banner obtained 11,139 votes and was elected. Former SLMC Mayor of Kalmunai H. M. M. Harees contesting the Digamadulla District Under the UNF Banner obtained 44,755 votes while SLMC er Mohamed Faizal Cassim obtained 41,852 votes and were elected to Parliament.

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