Drunken Veddah caged for attack

A 25-year-old Veddah from Dambana, who fell foul of the law after a booze on New Year’s day was remanded till April 20. He was charged with causing grievous hurt to a 42-year-old man by cutting him with an axe on April 14 at Mahiyangane.

The indigenous tribesman, Uruwarige Kekula, had alighted from a bus, in the Mahiyangane town, but found his path blocked by a child on a tricycle. He pushed the child out of his way but the father who was following close behind had got imto an argument with the tribesman, who in his drunken fit had pulled out his axe and attacked the 42-year-old causing grievous injuries to his stomach.

The victim, H. Karunaratne, is under treatment at the Mahiyangana Hospital.

The Mahiyangana police, produced Uruwaruge Kekula before the Mahiyangane Magistrate who ordered him remanded till April 20.

On an earlier occasion too Kekula was involved in an argument with the police. He found fault with the law enforcement officers for being unable to take down complaints in the Veddah dialect.

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