Multinational IT production centre opens in the East

For the first time, a multinational IT company will open a major production center in Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province.  With financial and technical support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a new software product development center, Advanced Information Consulting (Pvt) Ltd., has been established in Akkaraipattu, in the Ampara District. The center will create employment opportunities for youth graduating from local educational facilities in the Eastern Province. This pioneering initiative, led by Kingslake Engineering Systems (Pvt) Ltd. through its subsidiary Advanced Information Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. (AIC), will help build the professional capacity of youth living in a post-conflict environment. 

USAID/Colombo, the development office of the U.S. Embassy, assisted AIC by mitigating the risk of starting a private enterprise in a fragile region still recovering from the conflict.  The Managing Director of AIC Dr. S. Dharmavasan said, " Even though we had plans to implement this project, as it is a new initiative we were worried about the risk until USAID offered assistance through its Connecting Regional Economies (CORE) Project. Thanks to their support, we were able to expedite implementation of the project."

USAID’s economic growth programs in Sri Lanka focus on partnerships which will foster stability, create sustainable jobs, and jump-start much-needed economic development, particularly in post-conflict areas. The opening of the AIC software product development center will create jobs for residents of the area near their home and will augment the region’s economic growth.

  AIC will recruit potential candidates to participate in a training program which will prepare the candidates to become professional software engineers. The participants will be trained on the latest technologies, presentation and communication skills and quality management. This will increase the participating youths’ technological and commercial knowledge so that they can confidently face challenges in the industry, including those of local and offshore projects.

The project will employ youth residing in the Eastern Province who qualify and have graduated from educational institutes, such as the Eastern and South Eastern universities.  This will ease the pressures on rural youth to migrate to the Western Province in search of employment.

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