Proposed elections to key UNP posts
Division of opinion emerges

With several more rounds of consultations between the UNP rank and file and Joseph Michael Perera Reforms Committee yet to be held, a division of opinion has emerged on the election of the party’s main office bearers including its leader.

Informed sources said that those favouring polls had pointed out that it was the most democratic method, while the opposing section had referred to the detrimental divisions that such a procedure could create.

Parliamentarian Joseph Michael Perera told The Island that his committee would be meeting all sections of the UNP including Provincial Council members between May 31 and June 3. Two more days have been set aside for local government members who want to appear before the committee.

Since there were over a thousand elected local government UNP members scattered throughout the country, it might not be possible for all of them to appear before our committee. Therefore, they had the option of posting their views on the proposed reforms, he said.

"We are scheduled to meet the Jathika Yovun Peramuna, Lak Vanitha Organisation and former parliamentarians on May 31. Meetings have been arranged Meetings have been arranged with Provincial Council members, District Managers and associations representing senior citizens, farmers, doctors, engineers and youth professionals on June 1. The Lawyers and Vidvath Mandalaya, will talk to us on June 2. On June 3, we will be meeting the JSS and associations representing teachers, estate workers and trade unions."

Perera said that the implementation procedure had become a bone of contention. Therefore, they would seek detailed explanations from the rank and file as to how their views should be implemented.

Elaborating on the details of the JMP Reforms Committee proposals, he said it had been proposed that the Working Committee include members representing, local government bodies, provincial councils, women, farmers, youth, trade unions, young professionals, teachers, lawyers and doctors.

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