Vege, fish prices sky-rocket

Prices of vegetables have sky-rocketed due to the recent inclement weather. Vegetable plots have been destroyed by floods, and transportation of vegetables to Colombo has been restricted or completely cut off.

Vegetable dealers in the Pettah market find it difficult to sell the goods due to high prices, as housewives tend to purchase vegetables in smaller quantities.

The retail traders in Colombo have jacked up the prices of almost all vegetables with Beans being sold at Rs. 150 a kilo, Cabbage at Rs. 50, Carrots at Rs. 90, Tomatoes at Rs. 80, Pumpkin at Rs. 40, Snake Gourd at Rs. 80, Brinjals at Rs. 70 and Ash Plantains at Rs. 80.

Other consumer goods like red onions are Rs. 110 a kilo, Potatoes Rs. 90, Dried Chillies Rs. 190, Dhal (Indian) Rs. 145 with Coconuts in the range of Rs. 25 to 35. Fish prices have also increased with Kelawalla sold at Rs. 450 a kilo, Small Paraw at Rs. 460 and Salaya at Rs. 120.

Even the Dambulla Economic Centre reports near 50 per cent increase in vegetable prices.

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