Shame on SJP University!

The Island of 26th May carried the news item that a Honourary Doctorate has been awarded by the Sri Jayewardenepura University to some foreigner without the approval, or even knowledge of the Senate which is the highest forum of the university taking decisions on academic matters. The news item also carried a statement that after the matter was raised at the Senate and protests were made the Vice Chancellor "reluctantly agreed "to an inquiry. That appears to be a revealing piece of information. Why was he reluctant? After all, he is the highest executive officer of the university who has to safeguard its rights and privileges and see to it that its honour and standing as a seat of higher learning is safeguarded. If anyone takes up the powers of the University’s statutory bodies such as the Senate and the governing Council it is the Vice Chancellor who should come up first to take suitable measures to defend the honour of the university. It is indeed a shame that unscrupulous individuals can grab the powers statutorily vested in responsible institutions and go unscathed as it has happened in this case. Graduates of all Sri Lankan universities should be concerned about such incidents. Let us wait and see how the inquiry will proceed and what action the present Minister of Higher Education, who is an alumnus of Sri Jayewardenepura University will take on this matter.

An Alumnus of a Sri Lankan University

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