Sunday, May 30, 2010
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While parliament has been accused of wasting food in its subsidized restaurants, successive Sri Lankan governments continue to depend on World Food Program(WFP) to feed the poor segments of the population and the war displaced.

Although the country has been upgraded from a developing to a middle income nation and both politicians and officials are discussing grandiose plans to develop the country, the government is still...

President Mahinda Rajapaksa offering flowers and worshipping the newly unveiled Buddha statue at the historic Somawathiya Chethiya in Polonnaruwa yesterday morning. Earlier, he participated at the opening of the new ‘Budhu Medura’ of Agbopura-Kantale Raja Maha Viharaya.
(Pic by Sudath Silva)




Nepal’s PM agrees to resign
Nepal’s prime minister agreed to resign after the former communist rebels supported his proposal to extend the term of parliament so it can draft a new constitution to end years of civil war and strife.

Tri-Star jobs for 1,500 LTTE combatants
The government struggling to find employment for ex-LTTE combatants has been relieved by Desamanya Kumar Devapura, Chairman of Tri-Star Apparel Exporters (Pvt) Limited who has expressed readiness to recruit upto...

Sri Lanka reconciliation panel ‘holds promise:’ Clinton
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday the Sri Lankan postwar...

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