Labour Ministry blown offside

The Trade Union Confederation is accusing the Ministry of Labour of violating standing orders of the International Labour Organisation by sending private sector trade Union representatives from Sri Lanka for the Annual Constitutional Summit of the ILO to Geneva.

General Secretary of the TUC, Saman Ratnapriya said yesterday (04) that according to ILO standing orders the trade union representatives should be those who represent the majority of the country’s workforce.

The violation has completely reversed the primary purpose of the ILO Summit in Geneva by sending six unionists belonging to the private sector for this year’s annual summit, he said. They are those who don’t have majority representation.

The summit which commenced on Wednesday (02) will be held till the June 18. The TUC has representation from Health Services, free trade zone, postal and Telecommunication, Education, Printing, Ports and Fisheries. There are several unions representing the health service. They include nursing, PHIs, entomologists, dental technicians and EEG technicians.

He said the Labour Ministry had not only violated the ILO laws "but had also been unjust to the public sector workforce in our country. There are approximately 1.2 million in the public sector work force."

The TUC had already taken national and international measures to correct this erroneous action of the Labour Ministry Ratnapriya said.

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