SLC hires computer illiterate female for Rs. 120,000 a month
Dandeniyas have a field day while government turns blind eye

Following the government’s amazing turn around in reappointing Cricket Interim Committee bigwigs Chairman D.S. de Silva and Secretary Nishantha Ranatunga after accusing the board of being the third most corrupt institution in the country, some cricket officials seem to be thriving in questionable activities knowing all too well that they are untouchables.

Having got to know that certain politicians are firmly behind them and wouldn’t question their work, the nephews of chairman, D.S. de Silva, Suraj and Kapila Dandeniya, two of the highest paid employees at SLC are said to be running cricket administration according to their whims and fancies. .

The Island learns that for the preparation of the Asia Cup tournament, Suraj Dandeniya, whose jurisdiction in cricket administration doesn’t go beyond the World Cup Secretariat, has made all vital bodies of SLC in organizing the tournament redundant and brought all functions relating to the series from hotel bookings to other important logistics under him. With the latest development, the work of the Tour Organizing Committee has been carried out by the nephews of the Chairman of the Cricket Interim Committee.

A former Member of the Cricket Interim Committee Pramodaya Wickramasinghe since being relieved of duties at the body has come up with some damning revelation, some of which directly seem to be directed at Suraj Dandeniya.

The latest of the Dandeniya duos haphazard actions is the employing of a female. Although computer literacy is a must for any job in the corporate sector, the Dandeniyas who hired this individual without any interviews seem to have thought that computer literacy is not a must. This person has been employed in the capacity of Media Consultant, but her previous experience in such roles is little known. Insiders say that this individual has been hired for a salary of Rs. 120,000.

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