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Why are Hurricanes named after women?

The perceptive Mr. J. K. Wijedasa has made topical comments on this question (Naming of Hurricanes, The Island, 10 October, 2005). He quoted, for example that we recently had Typhoon Katrina, then Hurricane Rita, and earlier Storm Arlene, and we all hope that the last will be Storm Wilma. More women have been made famous – Agnes, Betty, Dawn, Edna, Harriet and so on. Women should be pleased. The calling of names, can, on the other hand, can turn out to be an invidious trap, a psychopathological matter (alleged differences between Man and Woman), a sociological problem (gender discrimination), a topic in marital biology, or a mere literary matter (the tradition of Eponyms). This problem was commented on in an erudite article by Art Buchwald in the International Herald Tribune, and to quote him: -Read More...

Villus- What are they? Why are they important?


Wilpattu ("land of the lakes") is very much in the news these days with the controversy associated with attempts at establishing new settlements in the vicinity of the Wilpattu National park. A unique feature of this national park is th...

Open your home and your heart to animals in need


There are far too few animal shelters in India. Huge cities like Kolkata and Mumbai have just one. But the number of people abandoning animals or dumping baby animals in these shelters is unending. My shelter in Delhi, Sanjay Gandhi Animal C...

Series of cow-on-the-run tales make moo-ving stories


A rural friend was worried that his hens might come down with bird flu. I was about to say: "Give them chicken soup," but then I thought, maybe not.



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