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US and conflicting worlds

I refer to a recent article in The Island on Kerry's visit to Sri Lanka. Kudos to the new government in Sri Lanka for being pragmatic but that should not mean its leaders should be blissfully ignorant of excesses committed by the only superpower in the world. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who is widely respected as being well informed, President Sirisena, and Foreign Minister Samaraweera should be aware that when he spoke in front of the Fulbright Senate committee on foreign affairs he unequivocally and categorically stated that the US was responsible for war crimes. It was foolish for the previous government to pick fights it could not win. Read More...

Free Wi-Fi country with an outdated police department

Many owner Drivers or Drivers / Riders of this country which launched free Wi-Fi in April 2015, granting opportunity for people to connect to the knowledge hub, the Internet, would have experienced this situation which has been in force for many ...

Give us water!


Under the Kalu Ganga Project of the NWSDB, a new water collection and distribution tank was built on Pasal Mawatha at Halpita, Polgasowita and the construction was completed towards the end of the last year. At the same time, large pipe lines wer...



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