Thousands of undetected HIV positive cases in Sri Lanka

by Don Asoka Wijewardena 

Director Sexually Transmitted Diseases Unit (STD) Dr. Sisira Liyanage warns that some expatriate Sri Lankan workers could be HIV positive.

Some migrant workers avoided timely medical attention due to social stigma, Dr. Lianage said. Although around 1,845 AIDs positive cases had been detected in Sri Lanka till end of 2013, the STD Unit suspected that there could be over 5,000 AIDS positive cases in the country, he said.

He pointed out that though around 310 persons had died of AIDS from 1989 up to 2013, about 1,845 HIV AIDS positive cases had been reported up to December 31, 2013. He sad that in 2009 137 persons had been tested positive for the deadly disease, in 2010 - 127, in 2011 - 140, in 2012, 186 and in 2013, 196 persons were reported as HIV-AIDS positive cases.

Dr. Liyanage said that there had been a dramatic increase of AIDS among homosexuals in Sri Lanka.

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