Walkout by NWSDB TU crying finance-commerce merger foul

By Sanath Nanayakkare

The National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) Engineers’ Union staged a walkout at Ratmalana headquarters premises on Thursday, in protest at the merger of Commerce and Finance sections of the institute, and the alleged granting of unethical promotions to a group of junior engineers.

"The NWSDB used to have a separate Commercial section and a Finance section to ensure maximum transparency of the Institute’s revenue generation and expenses. Now these two sections have been merged and brought under a recently-upgraded additional General Manager. As a result, more room would be created for less transparency in the Institute’s financial transactions if not corruption", NWSDB Engineers’ Union Secretary Dhananjaya Henakaarachchi alleged.

The NWSDB TU during the walkout put forward another demand over alleged unethical promotions in the Institute. "Recently, 300 junior engineers of the NWSDB were promoted as middle level engineers without following the accepted institutional ethics. We bear no grudge against promotions being given to them, but now there is a big mess at one point in the chain of issuing and carrying out instructions as this has been done without considering who should carry out whose instructions," Henakaarachchi said.

According to him the walkout had the participation of 60% of the TU totaling 600.

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