Agitation against UNHRC Resolution continues

The Unity for the United Sri Lanka organization based in Europe has organized a protest march to garner support of UNHRC member countries to vote against the US sponsored resolution on March 27 targeting Sri Lanka.

A mammoth protest rally with the participation of over five thousand Sri Lankans will be held in front of UNHRC Headquarters in Geneva on March 24 from 11AM.  Sri Lankans living in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands will take part regardless of political affiliations.  Sri Lankans living in Australia and Canada are also expected to join.

The United States along with few other member countries are proposing a resolution on Sri Lanka with regard to last phase of the Humanitarian Operation against the terrorist outfit, the LTTE.  Sri Lankans living in Europe headed by Unity for the United Sri Lanka has already organised many protest marches throughout Europe in the run up to the Geneva sessions.  The first protest by this group was held in London in front of the official residence of British Prime Minister, David Cameron. 

When the protest in France was held on March 19th, the Tamil Diaspora crowd, who hide behind the world’s ruthless terrorist outfit, tried to disrupt protest waving the banned organizations flag.  French police intervened and dispersed them.

The protest in front of the Italian parliament building lasted for more than two hours.  Italian government provided police security for the protest march.  It should be mentioned during this protest Prime Minister Giorgio Napolitano was inside parliament, and the protesters handed over a letter addressed to the PM through a PM’s parliamentary staff member.

Meanwhile, the Organization for Peace in Sri Lanka, which comprises Sri Lankan Diaspora, made a special request to the UNHRC yesterday (20).  They requested the UNHRC to act against the resolution.

The Last Phase, a short documentary film will be screened on March 21 to human rights activists and members of the UNHRC.  This film is being produced by Unity for the United Sri Lanka, an organization headquartered in Switzerland.

The film depicts the actual scenes from the last phase of Sri Lankan military’s humanitarian operations.  It includes scenes where Tamil civilians who were held hostage by the LTTE being freed by the Sri Lankan forces, capture and rehabilitation of LTTE terrorists.  It also portrays the current peaceful situation in Sri Lanka, cohabitation of many races and religions, while rebutting the Tamil Diaspora false claims.  The film also makes fervent appeal to the international community to support Sri Lanka in its endeavor to build a lasting peace in the country.

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