GMOA asks Health Minister to amend archaic SLMC’s archaic election rules

By Don Asoka Wijewardena 

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) has requested Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena to issue a gazette notification modifying the election regulations at Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC).

GMOA President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya yesterday said that the current election regulations of the SLMC were adopted in 1926 by the then Colonial rulers. The existing rules and regulations of the SLMC election system were obsolete. On behalf of the GMOA he had met Minister Sirisena yesterday and requested him to issue a gazette with new rules and regulations of the SLMC election system. The existing SLMC election rules and regulations were riddled with flaws, he said, adding that they had to be rectified before new elections. 

Dr. Padeniya added that the talks held with Minister Sirisena had been fruitful and Minister Sirisena had agreed to adopt a new set of election rules and regulations which would be incorporated into the SLMC election system. 

He said that SLMC member Dr. Ananda Hapugoda had completed a five-year term in the SLMC. If he wanted to become a member again in the SLMC he would have to be elected through an election. There were seven candidates including Dr. Hapugoda who would contest for the SLMC election. The GMOA was confident that

Minister Sirisena would consider the GMOA’s request favourably.

 SLMC President Prof. Carlo Fonseka, contacted for comment, said that he had also discussed the issue with Minister Sirisena. During the discussions he had pointed out that the existing SLMC election system was rather outdated. It should be amended to suit the present-day needs. But, it would take time. He was grateful to the GMOA for bringing the matter to the notice of Minister Sirisena as SLMC was under the purview of Minister Srisena, Prof. Fonseka said.

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