Ravi accuses Muzammil of backing UPFA


By Lal Gunasekera

Reviving the dispute with Mayor A. J. M. Muzammil, Colombo District UNP Leader Ravi Karunanayake, alleged yesterday that Saturday’s PC election had proved that the Mayor’s help had not helped the government to win in Colombo.

Karunanayake told The Island yesterday (31) that, on previous occasions, Tamil and Muslim parties had contested with the UNP, including Mano Ganeshan’s DPF, but at the recently-concluded election the UNP had gone it alone and retained five electorates in Colombo North, Colombo Central, Colombo East, Colombo West and Borella. Thought the UNP lost the Colombo District it had pushed the UPFA to third place in Colombo North from second, Karunanayake said.

S.M. Marikkar polled the highest number of votes in the Colombo District while Mujubur Rahman and Fairoze accused of depriving Muzammil’s wife Fairoza of UNP nomination had come third and sixth respectively, Karunanayake said.

He said that even Minister A. H. M. Fowzie’s son Nauzer backed by Muzammil had lost in Colombo, but Minister Fowzie said that he was 19th on the list and was never backed by Muzammil, who also denied the allegation.

Mayor Muzammil dismissed Karunanayake’s allegations. He said he would make a statement later.

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