Gomin tells LLRC of those who sing for their supper at one table…
Govt. asked to clear misconception of move to takeover private land in N&E


by Shamindra Ferdinando

Testifying before the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) on Thursday (Oct 28), senior lawyer Gomin Dayasri said some people sang for their supper at one table, whereas some others sang at every table for their supper.

Dayasri was referring to those who cohabited with a section of the international community bent on destabilising Sri Lanka. He criticized those who had remained silent for their personal benefit, while being extremely harsh on lawyers for taking up contentious issues. Praising those in the media for being courageous and fearless, Dayasiri said that they hadn’t disappointed the people.

He was testifying before the LLRC headed by former Attorney General C. R. de Silva. Dayasri, while appreciating the on-going rehabilitation, reconstruction and development processes expressed confidence that the LLRC would be able to settle differences among different communities.A spokesperson for the LLRC told The Island that after taking into consideration submissions made by those who had been critical of the UPFA’s handling of contentious issues, the LLRC had proposed a series of measures to tackle issues of concern to the Tamil speaking people in the post-war situation.

Taking into account detention of persons for long periods without being charged, the LLRC has proposed a special mechanism to examine such cases on a case by case basis and take appropriate action with the concurrence of the Attorney General’s Department.

The LLRC has also suggested the publication of a list of persons in detention and issue a discharged person with a document to prevent him being arrested again unless the police come across fresh evidence of his or her link to the LTTE rump. It has also suggested that the ‘general issue of laws delays’ be inquired into.

Commenting on land issues, the LLRC has recommended that the government issue a statement assuring the people of the Northern and Eastern Districts that private lands will not be taken over by the State to set up settlements.

 The LLRC has proposed immediate action to disarm those engaged in acts of extortion, abduction and other criminal activities. A spokesman for the LLRC told The Island that disarming of all armed group was a matter of highest priority and couldn’t be delayed any further.

 The fourth LLRC proposal deals with the urgent need to rectify administrative shortcomings in relation to the language issue. It says the Tamil speaking people must be able to communicate in their language with State officials.

The final proposal calls for free movement on the A9 road north of Vavuniya and the Jaffna peninsula and enhanced cooperation and coordination between civilian administrators and the military in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

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