SB comes out strongly against JVP, IUSF


by Lal Gunesekera

Minister of Higher Education S. B. Dissanayake came out strongly against the JVP and the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) which they control. He said that the IUSF is losing the grip that they had at universities and this was one reason that the JVP is instigating demonstrations and violence to show the people that they are yet in control and attempting to destabilise the government.

Minister Dissanayake in a short, but exclusive interview with The Island yesterday said that he visited the Hardy Institute in Ampara recently, in the company of Minister P. Dayaratne and two other Parliamentarians, Rear Admiral (Rtd) Sarath Weerasekera and a woman MP of the area. He had spoken to professors, lecturers and even students.

The outspoken Minister said that one lecturer related a very humiliating story that the female freshers faced. He had been told that all female freshers were not permitted to wear any underwear for one year and when those girls get their menstrual periods, the blood flows down their legs as they cannot wear sanitary pads. One particular girl had cried and mentioned this to another senior girl. But what was the result? She was assaulted by those JVP hooligans of the IUSF.

"This type of indecent ragging, or for that matter any kind of ragging must stop," said Minister Dissanayake, he added that he is determined, together with the government, to end intimidation, violence etc. in the universities and had even instructed the Vice-Chancellors regarding this matter.

He said that the JVP has not permitted any individual, not affiliated to the IUSF, to contest any student union elections for the past 15 years, but have got their supporters elected unanimously for various posts. In the past 13 years there has been hardly any election at all. This JVP group has not even one percent of students, he said.

Minister Dissanayake told The Island that girls at the Kelaniya University are not permitted to occupy the hostel and the students at the Dehiwala Higher Technical Institute even occupy the Director’s quarters. There is a hostel that was constructed at the Wickremaarachchi Ayurveda Campus at Gampaha, but certain students are forcibly occupying two wards.

He also said that undergraduates are not allowed to speak in English, when the government is trying its utmost to introduce English even to schools. He said that the students are not permitted to enter the library, freshers not allowed to take part in any sport activities and are not even allowed to talk to lecturers personally. Those who go against these rules and regulations set by IUSF are sometimes assaulted. Answers to questions are restricted to just three sheets of paper and no CDs are permitted.

Minister Dissanayake said that the JVP was so bankrupt that the students of the IUSF go-around with ‘tills’ collecting money for their activities and that no permission is sought from the authoritiesfor their meetings etc. inside the premises of universities.

Indoctrination classes are conducted by the JVP for undergraduates and their are various other illegal activities going on by JVP affiliated student bodies at every university in the country and students who are against the JVP are unmercifully assaulted, intimidated and harassed.

Minister Dissanayake said that he will boldly face all these problems created by the bankrupt JVP and stamp them out as students must be permitted to learn within these precincts and not go on demonstrations and create havoc.

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