International award for Ampara General Hospital


 Caption: The Ampara General hospital has won an internationall accolade for patient management, excellent provision of healthcare. The United States Arizona Institute for Health and Productivity Management has presented the Annual Award for Excellence to the hospital in recognition of its services. Ampara Hospital Director Dr. P.K.C.L.Jayasinghe who visited the United States receiving the Award from the Arizona Institute for Health and Productivity Management Chairman Joseph A Leutzinger.

By Don Asoka Wijewardena  

The Ampara General Hospital had won international accolade for patient management, provision of quality medical services and excellent surgical care, and quality maternal and paediatric care. The hospital had been presented 2014 International Annual Award for Excellence by the Institute for Health and Productivity Management of Arizona, USA, the Health Ministry said.

The Health Ministry spokesman told The Island that the Ampara General Hospital had set an example to the other hospitals in Sri Lanka by winning international recognition due to the excellent services provided to both the OPD and inpatients as a whole. The hospital had been able to cater to the medical needs of the patients in the district. It had also become a referral hospital.

Ampara Hospital Director Dr. P.K.C.L. Jayasinghe when contacted attributed the employees’ motivation, job satisfaction and team work to the success of the hospital. Since the assumption of duties he had been focusing attention on the improvement of the patients’ management, especially pregnant mothers and paediatric care.

He added that the hospital staff was highly motivated to perform their duties.  Management was the art of getting things done through the medium of human effort. Promotional prospects of the staff were well-attended. He had got rid of authoritarian rules and his door was open to everyone at any time to discuss any job-related matter. Gradually the staff was convinced that their grievances were resolved and their efforts were rewarded on time. When the good work of the staff went unremarked or unnoticed, they would lose their morale.

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