Sajith says H’tota incident would further tarnish Lanka


Hambantota is fast becoming a place notorious for thuggery and crimes providing grist to the anti Lankan forces that question on the good governance and break down of law and order in the country, UNP Hambantota District MP Sajith Premadasa said in a media release yesterday.

Thursday’s incident of government goons attacking five UNP MPs who tried to visit Mattala Air Port and Hambantota Harbour would further tarnish the image of Hambantota which had already been named as a dangerous place for visitors, the MP said in a release.

The release said: "I vehemently condemn the attack on the UNP MPs who visited Mattala International Airport and Hambantota International Harbour. This attack violates the right of MPs to inspect public properties and look into the way they are operated. It is a democratic right of representatives of the public to visit and get first hand information of the way the public funds are utilized. The attempts to suppress this right should not be permitted to go scot-free.

"Incidents of this nature would further aggregate the tarnishing of the name of Sri Lanka of which the conduct is being questioned by international forces. Photos of politicians brandishing fire arms in public places during this incident have been released to the internet and been seen world over by this time.

"The British have already named Hambantota a dangerous place for its citizens in travel advisories following an unfortunate incident that took place in Tangalle sometimes back. Incidents of this nature help cropping up questions on the status of good governance and the maintenance of law and order. They would provide ample material to the anti Lankan pro LTTE groups abroad to further tarnish the name of Sri Lanka. It is the duty of those who rule the country to bring anti democratic forces to the book and conduct investigations with utmost transparency to clear the slur on the name of our motherland."

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