No mobile phones allowed at Korean language exam

A large number of candidates who yesterday presented themselves for the Korean language examination conducted at 13 leading Colombo schools were not permitted to carry mobile phones into the examination halls.

There was a strong police presence at the examination centres where officials of the Department of Examination supervised the answering of question papers, a spokesman for the Sri Lanka Bureau for Foreign Employment (SLBFE) said.

Candidates were body searched and not permitted to carry their mobile phones and various scraps of paper into the halls.

The Press Officer of the SLBFE, Mr. Kalyanapriya Ramanayake said several candidates who attempted to cheat by hiding crib notes, mobile phones etc into the examination halls were handed over to the police and not permitted to sit the examination.

Candidates were only permitted to take in their applications, national ID cards and assports into the halls and those without a national ID or passport to confirm identification were not permitted entry.

Ramanayake said that the exam was successfully conducted with the help of the police and other authorities and the director-general of South Korea’s Human Resources Department who visited the various centres saw for himself how the exam was conducted

SLBFE Chairman Kingsley Ranawaka also visited the various centres to satisfy himself that everything was in order.

Many candidates coming out of the halls said that the questions were not difficult and some that had been set on a previous occasion were repeated.

The authorities expressed satisfaction that the exam was completed fairly with the measures taken not to leave room for any improper conduct.

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