Organised attempt to misuse SMS facility at Korean proficiency examination thwarted


The Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau with the help of the police on Saturday (Oct 30) thwarted an organised attempt by a large number of applicants, who sat a proficiency examination at 13 centres in Colombo in the Korean language for employment in South Korea to misuse the SMSfacility.

The SLFEB and the police told The Island yesterday that following information of an attempt to exploit the SMS facility, all candidates were body searched by about 700 police personnel.

A senior spokesman for the SLFEB said that mobile phones were found hidden in shoes, short collar, belt and even underwear. The police also found notes in their undergarments.

The official said that those who had brought their mobile phones had to leave them outside the examination centres, while those caught trying to smuggle in mobile phones were debarred from sitting the examination.

Candidates said that some persons had promised to provide them with the correct answers through SMSand had collected money.

SLFEB chief lawyer Kingsly Ranawaka told The Island that some female candidates had tried to smuggle in mobile phones hidden in the ‘inner parts of their anatomy’.

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