Teacher who learnt a lesson

By Norman Palihawadana

Nadeeka Priyadarshani, the teacher, who is alleged to have hung the slippers of a 10-year-old girl of Kawantissa Vidyalaya around her neck as the latter did not wear shoes to school due to poverty, told The Island yesterday that she would not punish any child in the future as she had learned a lesson from society in trying to correct a child.

She said that the media had highlighted the matter and the incident had become a blessing in disguise as the poor family had got much assistance from donors.

"I am happy that the child has benefited. I did not intend to insult her I love children. I treat every child alike."

She said that she had even given the girl concerned lifts on her motorcycle.

The Principal, C. Munasinghe, said, "There are many poorer families in this village. The teacher did not intend to insult the child. Today, the incident has been blown out of proportion. Teachers are disheartened."

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