Weerawansa’s public threats to quit UPFA laughed at


by Norman Palihawadane

Wildlife Resources Conservation Minister Wijitha Wijayamuni Zoysa yesterday said that Housing, Construction, Engineering Services and Public Utilities Minister was blowing his own trumpet obviously referring to the latter’s public threat to pull out of the ruling alliance.

The Wildlife Minister likened his ministerial colleague’s rhetoric to the din that emanates when a kottu roti was made in a wayside boutique.

Simply by making a big noise National Freedom Front leader Weerawansa could not scare the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, he added.

Kaduwela Mayor G.H.Buddhadasa, who had been at loggerheads with the NFF leader for sometime, also denounced Weerawansa’s behaviour. He said that the Minister was making a big noise about casinos and the international community thinking that he would become more popular, but the masses knew him for what he really was. "He cannot fool the masses any longer. If Weerawansa leaves the government he will be reduced to nobody in no time."

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