Dr. Jayawardana says health sector strikes very unfair

By Lal Gunesekera

UNP Western Provincial Councillor Dr. Kavinda Jayawardana expressed his dismay yesterday at the plight of the poor patients who were suffering due to various strikes, protests, work to rule etc by medical personnel in the government hospitals, despite those poor people having paid for the entire education of doctors, nurses etc apart from others in the country.

He told The Island yesterday (7) that it was very difficult to take sides in this matter, as he too was not only a doctor, but a student of free education. He said that those in the medical field should consider it not as a job, but a service to the poor people.

Doctors, nurses etc did face difficulties fair or unfair, but should not jeopardize the lives of innocent patients who had helped them in their education. He said that problems must be discussed and solved by the government and trade unions affiliated to the medical profession without inconveniencing the poor patients who could not afford to be admitted to a private hospital, he said.

Dr. Jayawardana however said that in Sri Lanka, doctors and other professionals were paid much less than any other countries and worked under inadequate facilities too, but have to sacrifice a lot to contribute to the country.

He said that strikes etc were very unfair as in the end they work for the country and its citizens.

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