Pro-LTTE protest in front of London Oval cricket ground


Demonstrators displaying LTTE flags during the protest

By Sujeeva Nivunhell in London

A group of around 20 pro-LTTE Tamils demonstrated in front of the Oval cricket ground in London last week when Sri Lanka played their T20 cricket match against England.

Despite being listed as a proscribed terrorist organization in the United Kingdom, the protesters freely waved Tamil Ealam flags and shouted anti-Sri Lanka slogans.

When Sri Lanka played their first one-day international match against England at the same venue last Thursday, there were only about five pro-LTTE Tamils demonstrating in front of the ground. By the time the match ended, the demonstrators had dispersed.

There was a large police presence to prevent any untoward incidents.

In June 2013, when Sri Lanka played a one-day international match against England at the same venue, there was a clash between an anti-LTTE Sinhalese group and demonstrators.

However, no violence was reported this time.

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