Health Ministry moves to  fill midwife vacancies

Health Secretary Dr. Nihal Jayathilaka told The Island that around 3000 midwifery vacancies existed in the country. To solve the problem the Ministry had called applications to recruit 1500 midwifery trainees as a first step and the other 1500 trainees would be recruited later.

Dr Jayathilaka pointed out that it was a good sign that the tussle between the nurses and the midwives had ended. But the Ministry had decided to fill all the midwifery vacancies as soon as possible to improve the maternity services. The VOGs and the Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists VOGs had also announced that they would be ready to train midwifery trainees to fill all vacancies.

GMOA General Committee member Dr. Nalin Herath said that the GMOA was grateful to the Health Ministry for taking action to recruit midwifery trainees to fill all the vacancies. In accordance with the Medical Ordinance section no 54 there was no provision for nurse/midwife, but it was the midwife who was legally responsible to assist any delivery at the labour room. The GMOA was of the view that the balance of 1500 midwives would be able to serve the hospitals by 2015.

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