Now, CMC plans to crush cockroaches, flies etc

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Public Health Department of the Colombo MC yesterday said they would concentrate on controlling harmful insects in addition to tackling the dengue menace.

The new Chief of the Public Health Department, Dr. R. Wijayamuni said that Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) would target not only mosquitoes but other pests as well. The IRS which involved spraying insecticides such as technical malathion and Icon would be used mainly to spray in houses in low income areas and other premises to eradicate dengue and malaria mosquitoes as well as harmful insects like flies and cockroaches.

Dr. Wijayamuni said that cockroaches could cause acute asthma attacks.

Cockroach urine was highly toxic and caused rashes, Dr. Wijayamuni said, noting that they were also one of the main causes for food going bad.

The cockroach population in the city had also become a menace and needed to be controlled, he added.

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