Report direct to hospital heads, docs tell midwives

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) General Committee yesterday sent letters to all Provincial Health Directors, Regional Health Directors and the Hospital Directors to work in accordance with the Establishment Code Section XXX V 11-1-3 which had vested power on the institutional heads to keep the midwifery register with them.

Dr. Nalinda Herath pointed out that the GMOA did not want to interfere with the affairs of the another trade union, but it was a matter of national interest to intervene to resolve the problem between the nurses and the midwives. The matrons had been keeping the midwifery register and the midwives had to come to the matrons to sign the register. But after the tussle had begun matrons were refusing to issue the delivery kits to the midwives deliberately, he said.

Midwives had no alternative but to sign the register before the institutional heads, Dr. Herath said. The GMOA had consulted many legal experts and gone through the Establishment Code, he said. It had been found that the matrons were not authorised to handle midwifery register; it was the duty of the hospital director to do so, Dr. Hearth said, noting that even the Deputy Director General Health Services in 2014 -5-16 had sent circulars to all the hospitals that the midwives were required to sign the register before them.

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