Reservoirs finally expected to get heavy rain


By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

Water levels at the hydro-power reservoirs had not increased to expected levels so far and therefore the hydro-power supplies only accounted for around 20.9 percent of the total generation, Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) Chairman W. B. Ganegala said yesterday.

He told The Island that the catchment areas of the hydro-power reservoirs had not received enough rains yet as the Southwest monsoons had just started two days back.

The Met Department yesterday, however, predicted more showers over hydro-power catchment areas in the coming days.

Duty Meteorologist Ananda Perera said that with the activation of southwest monsoon, hydro power catchment areas would receive heavy rains.

"Hydro-power catchment areas will receive considerable rain fall this month. With the activation of the monsoon the rains will gradually increase," he added.

The water levels of many hydro power generating reservoirs are still not satisfactory, according to CEB statistics.

The total reservoir storage stood at 34.4 percent as of yesterday. While hydro power generation stood at 20.9 percent, thermal generation accounted for 74.5 percent. The contribution of wind power was 4.56 percent.

Ganegala said the water levels of the reservoirs should be maintained at 60 per cent to 65 per cent to generate enough hydro electricity.

Electricity tariffs were increased due to fuel adjustment charges and however early last year President Mahinda Rajapaksa said the fuel adjustment charge was only a temporary measure.


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