Shooting of ‘Chess’

tele-drama completed in London


By Sujeeva Nivunhell in London

Veteran tele-drama director, Ananda Abenayaka and his crew, comprising popular actress Chandani Seneviratne, actors Athula Pathirana, Wishvajith Gunasekera and cameraman Thisara Thulvan arrived in London last week to shoot his newest production ‘Chess’.

Abenayaka said that his tele-drama was inspired by a true story in London. Therefore, he was eager to shoot a few scenes in England. He began by shooting some scenes at the Heathrow Airport. 

He said that although there were some hiccups suffered due to bad weather, they have completed all the scenes they planned to shoot in London. The tele-drama is expected will run into 40 episodes. 

Chandani Seneviratne said that although she had performed in many stage plays outside Sri Lanka, this was her first experience shooting in a foreign country.  

Unlike in Sri Lanka, they had to help out all around when shooting the movie due to the absence of full-scale production crew. She shouldered more responsibility in the cast as she was the only female member in the crew, the actress said. 

Wishvajith Gunasekera said that he has acted in stage plays in India, Australia and Korea and had also visited Germany and France in Europe. This was the first time he came to England and also acted in a tele-drama outside Sri Lanka. 

Acting in outdoor scenes in London was more straightforward compared to Sri Lanka as there were far less disturbances by the public. "In our country, crowd controllers usually have to get involved".

Athula Pathirana said that this was also his first tele-drama outside Sri Lanka. The cold weather helped him to get into his character. There were only few crew members and they all worked tirelessly as a team, which helped them to successfully complete the shooting.

He also took the opportunity to thank all Sri Lankans who helped them while they were in London. 

This tele-drama is based on a true story of a Sri Lankan couple living in London trying to claim insurance faking the husband’s death. The cast includes Mahendra Perera, Roshan Pilapitiya and Ama Wijesekara.

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