Democratic Party appoints district organizers,

plans launch of Uva campaign from Kataragama

by Maheen Senanayake

The Democratic Party lead by General Sarath Fonseka Thursday handed over letters appointing district organizers along with nominations to prospective candidates at a ceremony at their party headquarters in Kotte.

"The 17 members now in the provincial councils makes our party a force to be reckoned with,’’ said Fonseka who was about one and half hours delayed for the ceremony having visited those affected by the torrential rains in the Kalutara District.

"Today the Democratic Party, commands a base of approximately 700,000 votes and therefore is a force. Gone are the days when people were either die hard blue or green and we have very categorically demonstrated that people have a choice," he said speaking following the handing over of the certificates.

"If you have sought membership in the party to win and live a luxurious life, you have come to the wrong place," he told the recipients of the nomination letters. "The chances are that you more likely to lose than win. There is no point in blaming me or the party. You must work hard to understand the needs of the people in your electorates and demonstrate to them that you can make a difference. Our party is young and those contesting through it even younger. People did not have much time to recognize the people who represented the party but having understood what we stand for they voted for the party. That much is clear to us", said the General.

"We are a party that is 14 months old. We have been able to secure nine seats from the Western Province and three from the Southern Province. But most importantly we were able to secure 10,000 votes from Hambantota, the Rajapaksa enclave - that is success. I can safely say that given our current progress we currently muster a voter base of around 700,000 and with the campaign we have planned for the Uva Province, we are confident that by the time the next PC elections are over we will have a voter base of one million," he added.

"We also know that the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) commands a vote base of around 600,000 votes and together our opposition can give anyone in power a little chill and may even result in a little fever."

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