Asia Pacific Postal Union meets in Colombo next September

By Ifham Nizam

The Asia Pacific Postal Union 2014 will meet in Colombo from September 13 to 19. High officials of the Postal Services of 32 member countries, who make up its Executive Council, will attend this prestigious event in the postal calendar.

 The inaugural event of the APCU took place in Manila, the Philippines in 1961. Sri Lanka got her turn to host this event following the meeting held in Mongolia in 2011.

 Posts Minister Jeevan Kumaranatunga believes that this is a golden opportunity to share the goodwill of Sri Lanka apart from gaining the experience from other member countries. 

He said that the event would further boost the performance of the Department of Posts which was a burden on the Treasury in the recent past.

 The Executive Council (EC) comprises all the member-countries of the Union with a quorum of the majority. To ensure the continuity of the work of the Union in the intervals between Congresses, the Executive Council meets in principle once each year.

 The functions of the Executive Council are to perform any duty assigned to it by a Resolution of the Congress;  to lay down the international postal service rules which provide for details necessary for the operation of the international postal service between the member-countries;  to maintain contacts with postal administration of the member- countries of the Union with a view to improving the postal service and to prescribe rules for the administration of the Philatelic Bureaus and to supervise their activities.

The committee will also review and approve the annual budget and accounts of the administrative section prepared by the Bureaus in the intervals between Congresses, will make useful contacts with the various organs of the Universal Postal Union, with the Restricted Unions or with other specialized agencies of the United Nations with special interests in the area and, if necessary, to appoint representatives to conference of such organizations.

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