North-East MPs should be made an integral part of the ongoing development process – ADWC

All Members of Parliament (MPs) elected by the people of the Northern and Eastern provinces should be made an integral part of the ongoing development efforts in that region so that a more meaningful, reconciliatory and participatory process would emerge, says Ashruff Aziz, leader of the ADWC.

All elected parliamentarians from the North and East, irrespective of their ethnicity or party affiliations, should be drawn into the continuing development drive as they are the representatives of the people, he stressed. It is left to the government to decide to what extent these MPs should be involved in development work but it is of paramount importance that they be absorbed into the ongoing process as they have been elected by the people of those two provinces, Aziz said in a statement.

"In a democracy, elected MPs are answerable to the people who elected them", he noted. "It is therefore appropriate that they are also made an integral part of the development drive".

"If we value and uphold democratic traditions, it is imperative that we, as a nation, seek the guidance and goodwill of the democratically elected representatives of the masses in development work, particularly in the war-ravaged North and East, as they are the voice of the people", the ADWC leader underscored.

He said that pro-government parliamentarians should ensure that their colleagues from the North and East representing other political parties are also absorbed into the process of development. "There should be no room for party politics here".

"Development will bear fruit to its maximum only if it is a participatory process", Aziz said. "Everybody should join hands to give the credibility this process requires to make it a success".

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