Enjoining order against GMOA office bearers further extended

The enjoining order against the office bearers elected at the June 28 GMOA annual election was further extended until July 24,, 2014 by Mt. Lavinia District Judge Gihan Ranawaka, when the case was taken up for hearing last week.

Counsel for the defendants, Romesh de Silva, PC, sought the vacation of the enjoining order which, he said, was hampering the routine functions of the GMOA.

Representing the petitioners, Ikram Mohmad, PC, said that it was the previous GMOA Executive Committee and the members of its Elections Committee who brought this situation upon themselves by disregarding the court order issued on June 25, 2014 and going ahead with the election.

In terms of the GMOA constitution, an interim committee could be formed to ensure the functioning of GMOA, he pointed out.

He argued that the enjoining order should not be vacated because a party which had blatantly violated an order by a court of law is now seeking relief citing its disability to function.

He argued that it would create a bad precedent if the respondents are allowed to function as office bearers elected through an illegal process already barred by court.

Meanwhile, Dr Anuruddha Padeniya, former president of the GMOA, had submitted an affidavit claiming that it was not within his capacity to influence the Elections Committee and he was merely another candidate at the GMOA election.


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