Results of medical tests can be accessed via website

Lanka Hospitals Diagnostics launch country’s first Medical Reference Laboratory

By Diane Leroy

Lanka Hospitals, one of Sri Lanka’s leading health-care providers, launched a new revolutionary Medical Reference Laboratory in Colombo last week.

This facility a ‘first’ in the country, offers a multitude of blood tests (300 new tests in Sri Lanka encompassing a total of 1,000).

The medical complex comprises nine departments -- Haemotology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Flow Cytometry, Citogenetics, Histopathology, Immunology, Liquid based Cytology and Bio Chemistry. These high-technology departments will offer an opportunity to improve and speed up the process of diagnostics.

Dr. Wimal Karandogoda, CEO, Lanka Hospitals Diagnostics, said the new medical lab will eliminate the need to send samples overseas. This will significantly reduce medical expenses incurred by patients.

He said the investment on the new facility was a staggering one billion rupees, but it offers a ‘never seen before’ experience to both doctors and patients. Making a profit on the venture is a long-term proposition.

The new lab examines more than 50 samples on diabetes control alone per day, he noted.

‘We have employed higly skilled staff in order to maintain professionalism at all times’, Dr. Karandogoda assured.

In addition, Lanka Hospitals Diagnostics has demarcated a computer area, where results of all samples tested are sent. This provides an opportunity for patients to log on to the lab’s website and obtain their reports without visiting the hospital or a sample collection center. Therefore, it’s new, faster and convenient.

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