GMOA finds fault with Prof. Ranjini for comments made to press

by Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Media Sub Committee of the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) yesterday warned they would take legal action against Prof. Ranjini Gamage for allegedly making derogatory comments against former GMOA President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya and the Executive Committee Members in the media.

Media Sub Committee member (MSCM), Dr. Chandika Epitakaduwa said that the Consultant Neurologist being in government service had no right to issue comments to the media – even though she held several government positions. There was a media spokesman and an Ex Co of the union to do so. However her conduct could have an adverse impact on the government as it would seem that she had voiced its stand against a democratic trade union.

The MSCM said the government was already faced with charges of alleged human rights violations – and her statements would only aggravate the situation even further. He urged President Mahinda Rajapaksa to probe Prof. Gamage’s allegedly irresponsible conduct in issuing comments to the Media regarding matters which were not her concern.

Prof. Gamage on Monday (21) alleged that the GMOA had misappropriated funds and spent it on various programmes without any transparency or accountability.

Dr. Epitakaduwa said that the Colombo District Court had also given a verdict (114/13) on June, 28, 2013 against several members of the GMOA stating that they were "maliciously conniving" to prevent the functioning of the GMOA.

A disappointed Dr. Epitakaduwa said that they had hoped those members would act in a civilised manner but they continued to disrupt elections annually and created disharmony among its membership. The Union would consider discontinuing their membership, he warned.

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