Faeces in Central Province water!

By Nimal Gunatillake

Matale Correspondent

The Central Province Health and Indigenous Medicine Minister Bandula Yalegama said that human excreta had been mixed with water resources in the area.

The health authorities had been informed of the situation and urged to take remedial measures as it could lead to the spread of contagious diseases, Yalegama.

The Public Health Inspectors have been advised to chlorinate the water.

The Minister said that most community water projects had been started in plantation areas and that was one main reason for the contamination of the water.

As the sanitary conditions on the plantations were poor and estate dwellers were not showing much interest in using toilets, the problem has been aggravated, the official added.

According to the Minister, the maintenance of community water projects was done by the local government bodies and they had to take the responsibility for the prevailing situation.

He said he had instructed local government officials  to take samples of water and send them to the Water Resources Board and obtain quality assurance reports.

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