Are Sri Lanka’s critics living in this world?

- Prof Peiris asks at SLFP rallies in Anuradhapura

External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris, addressing public meetings in Anuradhapura and Medawachchiya over the weekend asked whether those who levelled baseless allegations against Sri Lanka were living in this world.

The Minister recalled that several delegates at the UNHRC in Geneva had expressed astonishment at the relentless pursuit of Sri Lanka by a group of countries while unspeakable human tragedies taking place elsewhere did not evoke a response. One never ceased to marvel at the lack of balance and proportion, which was all too evident, he added.

The role of external actors and the practical consequences of their intervention needed to be assessed realistically in light of that experience, Prof. Peiris observed. The critical issue was whether the countries affected were by any standard, better off in consequence of foreign intervention, he said. Those calamities unfolding at the present should make the world pause to reflect whether the actions of the self-styled good Samaritans from abroad were likely to benefit or adversely affect the country, the minister said.

There was an urgent need for vigilance against efforts in some quarters to divide countries, the Minister said.

To protect the country against these dangerous trends, resolute political leadership, deriving strength from the people was necessary, Prof. Peiris said.

He said he considered it appropriate to reflect on that reality in the ancient capital of Sri Lanka.

The Minister described the basic changes effected by the SLFP in successive eras and the success those attempts had achieved in bringing about justice and equity throughout the country.

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