Only 86 out of 106 SLTB depots maintain services properly

By Don Asoka Wijewardena 

Transport Minister Kumara Welgama says that only 86 out of 106 SLTB depots maintain their services at a satisfactory level.

 The success of any depot depended on the Depot Superintendent. If he was incapable of managing his institution properly, losses were the result. Though people were under the impression that the SLTB could not be turned around that task could be achieved with a dedicated workforce, Minister Welgama said at a ceremony where best drivers of super luxury buses were rewarded at Moratuwa recently.

 Minister Welgama said he had decided to operate about 2,000 super luxury buses in the Colombo city as commuters had shown an interest in using that service. What they wanted was hassle free travel. Inefficient depot management was one of the reasons why the SLTB was running at a loss. But, if the high officials worked with a sense of dedication and responsibility the SLTB could be turned into a profitable venture, said the minister.

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