Govt. restricts import of fertilizer Containing heavy metals - clarification

Providing further clarification on the recently published article in The Island of September 15,titled ‘Govt. restricts import of fertilizer containing heavy metals’, Indika Gunawardhana, Divisional Director, CIC Holdings PLC said, "CIC Holdings receives approval for all chemical pesticides distributed by the company, directly from the Registrar of Pesticides (ROP) and all fertilizers are evaluated by the National Fertilizer Secretariat (NFS). As a standard procedure, CIC submits samples of all pesticides to the ROP for evaluation, prior to distributing them in the marketplace. CIC submits a heavy metal analysis report compiled by an independent laboratory to ROP annually or once every three years, depending on the product. CIC receives approval to import chemical pesticides directly from the ROP and not PeTAC which acts only as an advisory body for the ROP.

Further clarifying the use of Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) mentioned in the article, Gunawardhana stated, "TSP is recommended as a fertilizer to support the growth of annual crops. Furthermore, approval to import TSP is not granted by the ROP but is provided by the NFS which regulates all fertilizers imported and used in the country."

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