Amended Constitution places no restriction on the President opting re-election — Nihal Jayamanne


Nihal Jayamanne (third from left), Gomin Dayasiri, C. A. Chandraprema, among others, at the symposium. (Pic by Saman Abesiriwardene)

By Steve A. Morrell

The symposium titled ‘Mahindata Puluwan’ (Mahinda Can) convened by the Organization of Professional Organizations (OPA) last Friday featured Chairman, Seylan Bank, Nihal Jayamanne, PC, with Gomin Dayasiri and journalist, C. A. Chandraprema among others.

Discussions were initiated subject to emergent controversial views that the presidency could not be contested more than two terms. This aspect of the presidential election was the subject for a wide cross section for discussion which evinced public interest.

At the symposium, Jayamanne argued that based on the Constitution and factual analysis the Presidency can run again with no term limit applicable.

He said the 18th Amendment to the Constitution removed Section 31 sub section 2, which paves the way for the President to contest a Presidential election without a stipulated timeframe.

Jayamanne brought to bear applicable ideals to illustrate his views to justify acknowledged aspects of discussions.

The amendment relating to this subject had passage through parliament in 2010, and since then is in force. Prior to the removal of Section 31, sub section 2, which had the restrictive clause embodied in the Constitution, was viewed as an impediment to the country’s progress. Its removal viewed in relative sequence was clearly beneficial to the future of the nation.

Jayamanne’s views were supported by Gomin Dayasiri, who expanded on views already included. Additionally, C. A. Chandraprema was also critical of the UNP’s interpretation, which he said were untenable.

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