Govt. worse than Kalu Kada Mudalali   - Joseph


by Zacki Jabbar

The Rajapaksa regime was worse than the ‘Kalu Kada Mudalali’ (black marketeer), the UNP said yesterday.

When a Kalu Kada Mudalali charged exorbitant prices he could be fined, Senior UNP MP Joseph Michael Perera  noted, adding that the ruling UPFA had been fleecing the public with impunity. When the world market prices of infant milk food and crude oil dropped, it did not give the consumer any relief. In the case of gas, it had been periodically jacking up prices while reducing it marginally in the run-up to elections. MP Perera said.

Prior to the recently concluded provincial council election, the government had distributed drought relief only in the Uva Province which went to the polls. The discriminatory practice had been challenged in court but without success, MP Perera said querying whom to turn to for justice.

The MP pointed out that the minimum income a family of four required for survival was Rs.55, 000 and there were two million public servants who needed urgent relief, but the government continued to hoodwink them with bogus pledges.

For workers to perform at their full potential they and their families had to be provided a decent income, MP Perera emphasised. "A thorough examination of one’s electricity bill would reveal hidden charges. But, the powers that be continue to tax the masses while lining their pockets through the massive commissions from mega projects such as highways, ports and airports."

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