Eastman Narangoda, chairman DDFC


Deshodaya Development Finance Company Limited (DDFC) added yet another link to the chain of transformations which it has gone through from inception;

Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, who was the chairman from inception, handed over the reins of chairmanship to the competent hands of Eastman Narangoda.

Eastman Narangoda who is a well known figure in the financial sector of Sri Lanka obtained his education at Nalanda College where he was an exceptional student and an all rounder who also represented the college in cricket & athletics. With the conclusion of his school education he pursued his higher education at the University of Ceylon as it was then known; in Peradeniya. He is a coloursman and represented the University in the Sara Trophy 1st Class Cricket from 1967 – 1971 and vice captained in 1971. In addition, he represented the combined universities of Sri Lanka against Indian Combined Universities which included the legendary Sunil Gavaskar. He holds a Special BA Degree in Economics (specializing in banking & currency) and is also a fellow member of the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka, as well as the Institute of Management Specialist – UK.

Narangoda is a past President of the Association of Professional Bankers of Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lanka Institute of Training & Development, where he is also a life member. In addition Mr. Narangoda also holds a Diploma in Business Management – UK and a Diploma in Advanced Bank Management – Stockholm, Sweden. He authored the Sri Lanka chapter of the book titled "Small Savings Mobilisation and Asian Economic Development" published by the United Nations.

Eastman Narangoda is a gentleman destined to lead. With the wealth of experience gleaned from his career of over 35 years in the state as well as in the private financial sector, he became the General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the National Savings Bank during the period of 2001 – 2006, as a result of his outstanding performance at the bank since the inception of his career in 1975. He was also chosen to head the Seylan Bank and was appointed as chairman, for which performance he was awarded the "Most Outstanding Sri Lankan" for the year 2010 in the category of Business Management by the International Association of Lion’s Club.

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