The Pope is in the play of planets


The Pope is reported to be taking a keen interest in a subject that has so far not been one of debate in Christian thinking. His Holiness is said to be learning about astrology.

Those close to the Vatican say this is a change from his pattern of taking a bold stand on issues of key importance that have divided Christians, especially Roman Catholics through centuries; he is certainly moved by new revelations about the impact of the planets on current affairs in countries, and the lives of men and women.

This new interest in the planets comes soon after Pope Francis put the Church’s thinking on Creation and Evolution in his own revolutionary words: "The Big Bang, which is today considered the origin of the world, doesn’t contradict the intervention of a divine creator, but requires it," and "Evolution in nature doesn’t contradict the notion of creation because evolution presupposes the creation of beings who evolve." No doubt the cause for great new debates!

Pope Francis’ new interest in astrology is said to have come from his concern as to how and why the recent Synod of Cardinals, the highest policy makers of the Church, refused to take a conciliatory approach on the issue of gay rights and divorce among Catholics.  Although early statements from the Synod showed there was a bending of thoughts, more favourable to the new accommodative thinking of the Pope, the final statement dashed any such hopes.

When he expressed concern as to why he failed to move the Synod to his thinking, he has been told by Monsignor Nakshathra Sirilankanae, a keen student of Astrology and a scholar at the Vatican, that this could be due to planetary influences.

"What planetary influences; how can the planets influence a Vatican Synod?"

"It can do much more things, Your Holiness, I think it is good to get your horoscope read" the Monsignor said.

"That is interesting; tell me more about these planets and their influence. Can they influence me?"

"Oh, yes, Your Holiness. They can influence both you and the Vatican too."

"What do you mean- influence the Vatican? How can that be? It is not in our teachings. The Vatican is a City State, the Holy See, what influence can planets have here?"

Our teachings may have missed this important area of study, Your Holiness. The planets can affect whole countries. There is an astrologer back in my country who can read how it affects the country."

"You mean Sri Lanka… that’s your country, right?"

"Yes Your Holiness…this man who is well versed in the Zodiac, says the planets will decide whether national elections should be held in January or March next year…and it has a big impact on the country and its people. According to him it is a planetary and not a political decision."

"Look, I’m due to go there in January…neither Our Nuncio nor our Cardinal there have told me anything about this…planets and elections, planets and politics? Come on, you must be joking?’

"I’m not joking, Your Holiness... I think it is good to get your horoscope and that of the Vatican read by a good astrologer…that will tell you more about this planned visit to my country."

"But I don’t have a horoscope…and I have never heard of the Vatican or the Holy See having one. I don’t understand this."

"That is the problem Your Holiness...there are so many things in the East, in our lands…that the Church does not know about, do not pay attention to. We must look more towards the planets."

"Alright, I’ll try to attend to that soon. But how, I don’t have a horoscope to read. Who do you think has the Vatican’s horoscope or horror scope, whatever that may be?’

"Can you tell me your time of birth, Your Holiness? I will try to get your Zodiac chart read by a good astrologer in Sri Lanka. Get a horoscope cast for you too."

"But I don’t know my time of birth. My mother never kept any such record…

"Alright, then we will give your date of birth, and get the astrologer there to match it with the horoscope and the ruling planet of Argentina, your home country. We will inform him of the date of founding the Vatican, too. I am sure a good study can be done."

"Do you think your planetary friends can tell me anything more than our Nuncio and Cardinal, about my visit to Sri Lanka?"

"I’m sure we can get to know a lot about this visit by reading the planetary movements. We must know where you stand in the Zodiac. We will find out your lagna…

"What lagna... that’s not Latin?

"No. That is Sinhala for your planetary house."

"What’s all this…my home was in Argentina...I did not stay in the Archbishop’s Palace...I lived in a small home….nothing planetary or starry about that."

"I know Your Holiness… I was talking was about your Planetary House - is it Scorpio, Capricorn or Sagittarius or…there are several more…and also your "chart ruler", the planetary ruler of the sign on the Ascendant, or first house."

"Look all this is too puzzling…but I am certainly interested in knowing about this...I will give you whatever information I can get… about the Vatican, too."

"Very good Holy Father…I am sure you can achieve much more if you know about your lagna and your position in the Zodiac... this is not against creation, in fact it supports both creation and the Big Bang Theory," said Monsignor SiriLankanae.

"Do you think I should tell my media office to inform "L’Osservatore Romano" about this? It looks like a good story?"

"No, no, Your Holiness…these things must be kept secret…This is the tradition in our country…those who follow, observe or are slaves to astrology...always keep it a secret...that is how you play the House of the Zodiac in matters of State."

"Well. I will take your advise. It will be a secret. A good Papal Secret. But I must know whether I will be going to Sri Lanka… and if I go there, as you now put it, what I should do according to the planets."

‘Good, Your Holiness…Of course you must follow the planets.  Just one more thing; it will be useful to begin the study of Astrology in the Vatican. We should have a Department of Astrology in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences."

"I suppose you expect to be promoted as Nakshatra Cardinal Astrologus…Ha, Ha. There is time for that. First tell me my "laguna" …no, lagna, and my horoscope. This planetary play sounds very interesting."

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