JVP demands govt stop unlawful acts against opponents

The JVP politburo yesterday accused the government of setting military intelligence operatives against its members and demanded that such an unlawful acts be brought to an immediate end.

In a statement released to media condemning Sunday evening’s attack in Jaffna on four JVP members, including DNA MP Sunil Handunetti, former JVP Western Provincial Councillor Marungan Mohan and DNA Jaffna team leader Lalith Kumar, the JVP said such acts of force against democratic political movements indicated nothing but impotence of the government.

The DNA and JVP members came under attack by a group of persons numbering around 15 to 20 around 6.30 p.m. at former TNA Jaffna District MP Padmini Sidhambaranathan’s house in Jaffna.

The attackers were in civvies and spoke Sinhala. Their behaviour and manners showed that they were not Jaffna residents. However, soon after the attack government media distorted the truth and said that the JVPers had been assaulted by Jaffna civilians.

The JVP press release said: "This attack we consider just another instance where the government has displayed its anti-democratic nakedness. If the President plans to mark the commencement of his second term in office by smashing the heads of dissent MPs. This shows where this nation is being led and the level of democracy that exists. JVP activists have come under similar attacks and each time they were warned not to engage in political campaigns in Jaffna. We are fully convinced that behind these attacks is a single group led by a powerful government head and several members attached to the army intelligence unit.

Though the North has been liberated from the LTTE some 18 months ago, democracy is something alien to the people living there. We demand the government to restore democracy in the North and stop using military intelligence operatives against politicians who dare oppose the dictatorial governance."

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