Communist Party pledges its support for President Rajapaksa

Presidential poll 2015:

The Communist party of Sri Lanka at its Central Committee sessions on Oct 26 and Nov 9, 2014, decided to throw its weight behind SLFP presidential candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa.

DEW Gunasekera, the General Secretary of the CPSF, in a statement issued yesterday said that his party intended to formulate an election manifesto by itself or jointly with the Socialist Alliance; conduct its own election campaign based on its election manifesto in addition to the Joint Election Campaign and hold talks with the leadership of the SLFP regarding the contents of its manifesto.

The following is the full text of the statement: "The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka met in sessions on 26th October and 9th November, 2014.

It made an assessment of the current national and international political situation. It took into account the role of imperialism with special reference to its global strategies and geo-political interests in the region. It also noted the growing shift in the world balance of forces in favour of the emerging economic powers and the other developing countries and stressed the imperative need for Sri Lanka to contribute its share to this change in the world balance of forces.

It took into consideration the significant economic and social developments in the country during the period 2005 – 2014 as compared with the preceding period’s from 1977 – 1994 and from 1994 -2004. Equally, it viewed with serious concern the negative developments in the spheres of good governance, rule of law, corruption, waste, degeneration of social and cultural values etc. The Communist Party shall fight to the bitter end for the elimination of these negative trends.

It reiterates its position that there was no need for a hasty Presidential election as the term of the Presidency expires only in 2016.

It re-emphasizes its consistent demand for constitutional reform$ with special reference to the abolition of the Executive Presidency and the change of the electoral system and other reforms in keeping with the mandate given by the people repeatedly at the 1994, 1999, 2005 and 2010 Presidential Elections. It was the Left Parties who opposed the Executive Presidential system from its inception.

It also appreciates the consistent role played by the Party and the Socialist Alliance in carrying forward the struggle for the abolition of the Executive Presidential System. Since the movement for the abolition of the Executive Presidency is gaining in momentum the Central Committee has empowered the Political Bureau to carry forward the snuggle relentlessly together with other progressive forces having similar objectives.

The CTSL will have no truck whatsoever with the United National Party which after 36 years of slumber has suddenly, on the eve of the Presidential elections begun to pose as saviors of democracy or an alliance under its hegemony.

We appreciate role of the genuine mass organizations that have joined the campaign for the abolition of the Executive Presidency.

The impending Presidential Election is clearly and truly meant for the transfer of Executive Powers from one: person to another person. This Presidential Election is not a referendum for the abolition of the Executive Presidency or an Election based on a single issue.

Being; a Communist Party, it takes into account all policy issues (not only constitutional reforms) in deciding upon its position at the Presidential Election.

In these circumstances, the Communist Party cannot under any circumstances, even remotely, consider extending its support to imperialist, reactionary and conservative political forces. It cannot allow the significant achievements of this government and its pro-people policies to be reversed.

In India the Conservative Jodi Government which came to power under the pretext of upholding good governance- has already embarked upon a neoliberalist economic strategy.

The CPSL expresses its confidence in the Left, Progressive and radical forces (both within and without the Government) and their ability to carry forward the struggle towards constitutional reforms and for social well being.

Guided by the political strategy and decisions of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka and taking into consideration all the relevant political and socio-economic factors the Central Committee of the CPS has decided:

(1) To support Mahinda Rajapakse, the SUP Candidate at the 2015 Presidential Elections;

(2) To formulate an Election Manifesto by itself or jointly with the Socialist Alliance;

(3) To conduct its own Election Campaign based on its Election Manifesto in addition to the Joint Election Campaign;

(4) To hold talks with the Leadership of the SLFP in regard to the contents of its Manifesto.

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