International effort to address biodiversity, food, nutrition issues

By Don Asoka Wijewardena

A Food and Nutrition Project will organize an International symposium on biodiversity, food and nutrition at the Kingsbury Hotel at 8.30 am on Dec. 8 to promote agro-biodiversity and dietary diversity.

Dr. Renuka de Silva of the Waymba University told The Island that the nutritional importance of the diverse foods available in Sri Lanka had been neglected as technological options focused on new staple foods to address global food security and hunger. Despite attempts to reduce the dramatic rise in the incidence of non-communicable diseases, a formidable health challenge was posed by obesity and other NCDs and nutrient deficiencies.

Dr. Silva pointed out that overpopulation, ecosystem destruction and loss of bio-diversity, food production strategies that focused on few crops – maize, rice and wheat— resulting in reduced consumption of legumes, fruits and vegetables were associated with negative health impacts. Maintaining biodiversity in the food systems was essential for ensuring food security, adequate nutrition and health.

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