Welgama confident of comfortable win for MR


Transport Minister Kumar Welgama yesterday said that those who had been demanding the abolition of the executive presidency couldn't even find a person to lead the Opposition campaign.

Only Parliament could scrap the executive presidency, Minister Welgama said. The Opposition was seeking to do away with the Constitution through other means as it had realised that the electorate remained loyal to incumbent President Rajapaksa.

Addressing a meeting at Mathugama recently, Minister Welgama said that President Rajapaksa had appointed a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to effect constitutional changes, but the Opposition continued to boycott that process.

"President gave the political leadership for defeating LTTE terrorism and restoring peace which is a prerequisite for national reconciliation. Under his leadership, the government guaranteed the right of the people to live in peace. Those who cannot stomach rapid development are working overtime to destabilise the country."

The minister alleged that disruptive local elements at the behest of some foreign powers were targeting President Rajapaksa.

The President had the strength and the support from the people in all parts of the country to win the forthcoming presidential election comfortably, the minister said.

Recollecting the last presidential election in January 2010, the Minister said that the so-called joint Opposition acted as if its candidate had won the election whereas President Rajapaksa emerged victorious with a staggering 1.8 mn vote majority. The minister said that contrary to various reports, the President could expect a substantial number of votes from the Northern Province which the government had developed within a short period of time. The minister said tje post-war development projects undertaken in the Northern province as well as the completion of the railway track up to Jaffna were significant achievements of President Rajapaksa.

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